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1st Unit Test -2021 -Subject- English - Class IX - Time: 2 Hours -Marks -45 ( Assamese and English medium both)

1st Unit Test -2021
Class - IX
Sub: English
Full Marks: 45
Time: 2hr

1. Choose the correct answer from the following given below:    1 x 5=5
a) What is the meaning of loftily.
i) Nastily
ii) Pitiably
iii) In a superior way
 iv) hatefully

Ans: iii) In a superior way

b) Antonyms of diverge?
i) Separate
ii) Joined
iii) Converge
iv) Divide

Ans:iii) Converge

c) Who is the writer of "Evelyn Glennie Listens to Sound without Hearing it"?
i) Deborah Cowley
ii) Coats Kinney
ii) Isaac Asimov
 iv) William Batler Yeats

Ans: i) Deborah Cowley

d) Meaning of Impaired is?
i) Fascinating 
ii) Enhanced
iii) Improved
 iv) Weakened

Ans: iv) Weakened.

e) The Poem "The Lake Isle of Innisfree" is a
i) Ballad
ii) Lyric
iii) Limmerick 
iv) Sonnet

Ans: ii) Lyric

2. What things about the book did Margie find strange?   2

Ans: Margie found the book's colour and the wrinkled pages strange and also the words that stood still instead of moving. Again when she turned back to the page before, it had the same words on it that it had had when she read it the first time. 

3. Why did Margie's mother sent for the county inspector?  2

Ans: Margie's mother sent for the County Inspector because Margie was getting worse and worse in the tests conducted by the mechanical teacher in geography.

4. Write a brief note on the county inspector? 3

Ans: The County Inspector was a round little man. His face was red. He had a whole box of tools with dials and wires. He smiled at Margie and gave her an apple. Then he took the mechanical teacher apart. 
         Margie's mother sent for the County Inspector because Margie was getting worse and worse in the tests conducted by the mechanical teacher in geography. 
       The Inspector told Margie's mother that the geography sector had been geared a little too faster. He slowed it up to the level of Margie's age. 

5. Describe what these phrases mean to you.
i) Leaves no step had trodden.
ii) The passing there

Ans: i) leaves no step had trodden black indicates that there were leaves on the road. And there were no sign of footsteps over them.

(ii) the passing there means walking there. 

6. Why does the poet want to go to Innisfree?   2

Ans: The poet will make a small cabin with clay and wattles. He will plant nine rows of beans there. He will also have a beehive and spend his time in the midst of the humming of the bees. 

7. Why did Margie get disappointed after the Geography sector of her teacher was set right?  3

Ans: Margie got disappointed after the Geography sector of her teacher was set right because she hoped that the mechanical teacher would be taken away. It was done almost a month when Tommy's history sector had blanked out. 

8. How does Evelyn Glennie hear music?

Ans: Ans. Evelyn is completely deaf so she cannot hear music with her ears. But she hears it some other ways. She senses the notes through different parts of her body. She feels the higher drum her waist up and the lower waist down. She senses certain-notes as they vibrate because she has opened her body and mind to them.
According to her music pours in through every part of her body. It tingles in her skin, her cheekbones and even she can feel it in her hair. When she plays the xylophone she feels the sound passing up the stick into her fingertips. On wooden platforms she puts off her shoes so that vibrations may pass through her bare feet and go up her legs.

9. How does the poet describe midnight, noon and evening in the poem "The Lake Isle of Innisfree"? 3

Ans: The poet will get up and go now to innisfree and he will make a small cabin there with the help of clay and wattles. Peace will slowly come there from morining till night . Nights will have faint light and noons will be colourfully warm. And in the evening the place will be full of songs of the linnet. In this way the poet describes about midnight, noon and evening in the poem '' The Lake Isle of Innisfree''.

10. a. How did Evelyn Glennie fight with her physical disability? Explain.
b. Inspite of her towering success Evelyn Glennie doesn't accept any hint of heroic achievement. Explain. 6

Ans: (a) Evelyn Glennie a Scott lost her hearing -gradually. Her mother noticed it when Evelyn was eighth years. Due to nerve damage, she became deaf. She was advised to use hearing aid. She was facing challenges for a normal life. She was determined. She decided to pay xylophone. Ron Forbes could guess her talent and asked her to feel the sound not through
ears but sense it. She tried and felt the notes on different parts of her body.
       There after she never looked back. She toured the United Kingdom with a youth orchestra. She had made music her life. She auditioned for the Royal Academy of Music in London and scored there the highest ever mark. She got most of the top awards of music. But she was never proud of her achievements. She believed strong determination was the key of success. She became the world's most sought-after multi-percussionist with a mastery of some thousand instruments. Without hearing she functioned easily. She spoke fluently. She even learnt French and Japanese. According to her music poured in through every part of her body. In 1991 she was awarded the Soloist of the Year Award, the most famous ward of the Royal Philharmonic Society. God has taken away her hearing but has given her something extraordinary. She says that she is a workaholic. She is a shining inspiration for deaf children.
Evelyn has brought percussion to the front of the orchestra and given inspiration and pleasure to millions.

11. Write the correct form of verb given in the bracket. 1x8=8
a. We (go) to Guwahati by Rajdhani Express last month.
b. The Rajdhani Express (be) a fully air conditioned train.
c. It (provide) food, cold drinks, water, and the blankets at night.
d. He did not say when he (come)
e. The Mahabharata (be) an epic.
f. Malaria (be) caused by Anopheles mosquitoes.
g. He talks as if he (know) everything.
h. If I had known him, I (meet) him.


a. We went to Guwahati by Rajdhani Express last month.
b. The Rajdhani Express is a fully air-conditioned train.
c. It provides food, cold drinks, water, and the blankets at night.
d. He did not say when he will come.
e. The Mahabharata is an epic.
f. Malaria is caused by Anopheles mosquitoes.
g. He talks as if he knew everything.
h. If I had known him, I would have met him.

12. Answer the following: 1x6=6
a. Mona was a graceful lady. (Make it interrogative)
b. You are ignorant of the fact. (Make it interrogative)
c. I met him yesterday (Make it interrogative)
d. I'm clever. ( add a tag question)
e. Close the window. (add a tag question)
f. My father is a businessman. (ask question)


a. Was Mona a graceful lady? 

b. Are you ignorant of the fact? 

c. Did I meet him yesterday? 

d. I'm clever, aren't I? 

e. Close the window, would you?  

f. What is your father?

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