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                                                    Test Examination, 2021
                                                       H.S. Second Year
                                                       Subject: ENGLISH
Time: 1 hr 30 mins
Full Marks: 50
                                        SECTION A (Advanced Writing Skills)
1. (a) Your school/college has celebrated The Independence Day on 15 August. Prepare a report in about 100 words to be published in a local newspaper.                 5

Ans:                           Independence Day Celebrated 
Date: 15th August 2021
Our college has celebrated Independence Day on 15th August. The teachers and students assembled in the college playground at 8 AM. The Principal, Mohan Sonowal hoisted the national flag at the request of the union secretary of the college. The Principal delivered a lecture after the national anthem was sung. Two of the lecturers and one student also delivered after the Principal. They dwelt at length the significance of the day and requested all to work for the well-being of the country. The function was closed after declaration by the Principal.
Reported By 
English Daily

(b) Your school college has recently celebrated "cleanliness week", organizing a number of
programs and competitions. Write a report in about 100 words to be published in a local newspaper.   

Ans:                     Cleanliness Week                                                                                 5

Jorhat, 30 April:
A 'Cleanliness week' programme was performed by the students of J. B. College, Jorhat. The students took part in the programme and also played a street drama to make the people aware of cleanliness. The JMC mayor was also present in the concluding day function and appreciated the students. A quiz competition also organized on ' Environment and Cleanliness' where many students participated and got some prizes for their knowledge. Many Students have created drama to make people aware of the environment. Students' parents also participated as the audience in the programme. 

2. (a) You are Reena/Raju. You have seen the advertisement for the post of English teacher in Model Public School in Jorhat. Write an application for the post in response to the advertisement. Give your bio-data also.  8


   To , 
         The Headmaster ,
         Model Public School ,
         Jorhat ,
         Dated Guwahti the 15th May, 2021 
Sub: Application for the post of English teacher.

Sir , 
     In response to your advertisement in The Assam Tribune of May 10, 2021 inviting applications for the post of a teacher in English I am sending this application.
     I hope you would call me for an interview and if selected I shall try my best to prove worthy of your selection. 
   I attach herewith my biodata in a separate.

Yours Sincerely ,
Reena/ Raju .


Name: Reena Sonowal./ Raju Bora
Father's Name: Sri Kamal Sonowal/ Bora
Address:  2 No Colony, Jorhat
DOB: 12/09/1990
Nationality: Indian
Educational Qualification: (a) HSLC passed in 2002 with 98%, JORHAT HS School.
                                           (b) HS( ARTS) passed  in 2004 with 89% , JB college JORHAT.
                                           (c) BA in English with 88%in 2007 JB college JORHAT.
                                            (d) MA in English from DIbrugarh University in 2009 with 78% 
Experience: 2 Years as an English Teacher.
Language: Read and write Assamese, English and Hindi. 




(b) Write an application to the Principal of your college applying for a character certificate. 8

Ans : 
The Principal

J.B. College, Jorhat

Subject: Prayer for a character certificate.

Respected Sir,

I have the honour to inform you that I have passed the HS(2021) exam with an A Grade from your College. Now for taking admission in the university  I shall need a character certificate. It is very urgent. 

I, therefore, request you to issue me a character certificate. I’ll be grateful for your act of kindness.

Your’s Obediently -
Miss Happy Bora
2021 HS batch

                                              SECTION B (Grammar)

3. Change the voice of any four of the following:          1X4=4
(a) The student was told to leave the room.
(b) The doctor has ordered me a new diet.
(c) My bicycle has been stolen.
(d) Please give me a glass of water.
(e) Shut the door.
(f) Who has broken the mirror?


(a) Someone told the student to leave the room.
(b) I have been ordered a new diet by the doctor.
(c) Someone has stolen my bicycle.
(d) You are requested to give me a glass of water.
(e) Let the door be shut. 
(f) By whom has the mirror been broken? 

4. Rewrite any four of the following sentences using the verbs in the brackets in their correct tense forms:      1X4
(a) Ice (float) on water
(b) I(write) an essay now.
(c) I (see) him a week ago.
(d) His father (die) before the doctor arrived.
(e) My aunt Jane (hate) girls who made up.
(f) How often you (go) to the theatre when you were in London?

Ans :
(a) Ice floats on water
(b) I am writing an essay now.
(c) I saw him a week ago.
(d) His father had died before the doctor arrived.
(e) My aunt Jane hated girls who made up.
(f) How often you went to the theatre when you were in London?

5. Change the form of narration in the following sentences (any two): 2X2= 4
(a) "Where do you go every Sunday?" I asked the girl. She replied, "I go to the church.''
(b) The teacher asked Rumi if she had read the Bible. She replied that she hadn't
(c) The traveler said to the peasant, "Can you show me the nearest inn?" "Yes", said the peasant.
(d) She said to her son that she was old and lonely and asked him if he had no pity on her loneliness

(a)  I  asked the girl where she goes every Sunday and she replied that she goes to the church. 
(b) The teacher said to Rumi, '' Have you read the Bible? ''. '' No, I have not '' she replied.
(c) The traveler asked the peasant if he could show him the nearest inn. The peasant replied that he could.
(d)She said to her son , '' I am old and lonely.'' and she said , '' Did you have no pity on my loneliness?'' 

                                              SECTION C (Text Book)

6. Answer any four of the following questions:      2X4= 8
(a) Why was the lesson called the last lesson?

Ans: The lesson was called the  'Last  Lesson ' because it was the last  French lesson in the school.  From the next day, only  German would be taught in that school.

(b) What had been put up in the bulletin board?

Ans:  There  had  been put  up  the  news of  the  lost  battles, the draft  , the orders  of  the  coommanding  officer in  the bulletin  board.  

(c) What makes the city of Firozabad famous?

Ans: Firozabad is famous for beautiful glass bangles and for the fact that almost everyone is engaged in the bangle-making occupation.

(d) Is Saheb happy working at the tea stall? Why?

Ans: Saheb is not happy working at the tea stall. 

     The steel canister he now carries seems heavier than the plastic bag he carried earlier. The bag was his own, but the canister belongs to the owner of the stall. 

(e) How did Gandhi begin his mission in Champaran?

Ans: Gandhi Began by trying to get the facts. First, he visited the secretary of the British Landlords Association. He told Gandhi that they could give no information to an outsider. Then Gandhi called on the British official commissioner of the Tirhut Division.

(t) What did Rajkumar Shukla want Gandhi to do?

Ans: Rajkumar Shukla wanted Gandhi to visit his district Champaran. 

7. Answer any one of the following questions:
(a) Describe the miserable plight of the people of Firozabad.      5

Ans:  Firozabad is the center of the glass blowing industry  where  families have spent  generations working around  furnaces , welding glass , making bangles  for  all the  women of  the country . Born in the caste of  bangle makers , they have seen nothing but bangles . Despite hard labour they had never enough to eat or to send their sons and daughters to school . As a result what they do is to teach the children what they do know – the art of bangle –making . In every dark hut of the town children with their parents sit before flickering oil lamps welding coloured glasses into bangles . Their eyes are more adjusted to the dark than to the light outside . That is why many  children lose their eyesight even before they are adults . The cry not having money to do anything else except sticking to their traditional bangle making and not having enough to eat rings in every home . Ages of exploitation have killed their initiative and the ability to protest . They are so caught in the vicious circle of  middlemen that they have began to believe that born in the caste bangle –makers they are doomed to suffer. They are thus forced into a spiral which moves from poverty to apathy and to injustice .


(b) What was the order from Berlin? How did that order effect the people of Alsace and Lorraine, particularly M.Hamel and his students?         2+3=5

Ans: The order from Berlin was that in all the schools of Alsace and Lorraine only German would be taught. 

       The order greatly hurt the people of the area as they were all French. It affected most the school teacher M. Hamel and his student. For M. Hamel would have to leave the school which had taught for the last forty years. His student should be deprived of the right to learn their own mother -tongue French.

8. Answer any three of the following questions:     2X3= 6
(a) What is the kind of pain and ache that the poet feels in the poem "My Mother at Sixty-six"?

Ans: Looking at her old and frail mother who is sitting beside her, the poet feels the pain that her mother is as old as she looks, and fear of losing her soon grips her.

(b) What is the exotic moment that the poet Pablo Neruda wishes for?

Ans: An ' exotic moment' in '' Keeping Quiet'' is a moment without rush and without engines of modern life. He wants all people of this world to keep silent for a moment and to experience a strange moment of peace.

(c) What will counting up to twelve and keeping still help us achieve?

Ans: The poet Pablo Neruda exhorts the people to count till twelve and to keep quiet and still so that they can experience an '' exotic moment'' of all being together in '' a sudden strangeness.'' 

(d) What is the message that Keats wants to convey through "A Thing of Beauty”?

Ans: The poem conveys the message that a thing of beauty is a joy forever. It transcends time. It will never fade away. Beauty has the power to remove darkness and negatively and helps us survive when there is a ' dearth of noble nature'. It highlights the fact that beauty is not only physical but also spiritual and seems to flow down from heaven as an ' immortal drink' made for man. 

(e) Why is "grandeur" associated with the mighty dead?

Ans: The mighty dead were the people whose achievements in their life made them mighty and great. Their legends and stories enthuse us and we imagine their magnificence. The dooms or deaths of those mighty persons become a source of beauty and pleasure when they assume the status of art. The poet says that the contemplation of reminiscences of the mighty persons who are dead gives us the same pleasure as we experience in contemplating beautiful things of nature. 

9. Answer any one of the following questions:
(a) How is the study of Antarctica useful in the study of the world's geological history? 6

Ans:  NOT COME IN HS 2021


(b) What are the different ways in which Mr. Lamb tries to change Derry's attitude to life? 6

Ans: Mr. Lamb tries to change Derry's attitude to life by showing no difference between a weed and a flower. As per him, life is just growing. He cannot lock himself up in a room forever because of the scar on his face. He even tells him a story of a man who tried to avoid being hurt by locking up in a room and finally got killed by a picture that fell on his head. Again by making Derry believe in himself. He tells him that he has, like all others, two legs, arms, ears, eyes and a tongue, and a brain and if he wants he could get better than others. He also tells Derry that everything is different in this world. 
Mr. Lamb does not sympathize with Derry. He ignores the subject of his burnt face. He makes Derry understand it is he himself who is responsible for being miserable. 
Thus, Mr. Lamb is able to change Derry's way of looking at life. At the end, Derry realizes that the scar on his face cannot stand in his way of achieving or doing things. Mr. Lamb succeeds Derry's outlook of life. 

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