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HSLC 2021


2020ENGLISHFull Marks : 100Pass Marks : 30Time : Three  Hours 

The  figure  in  the  margin  indicate  full  marks for the  questions. 

Q  No. 1 Section - A (  Reading  Skill )  - 10

Q  No. 2 Section - B ( Advanced  Writing  Skill) - 25 

Q  No. 3 Section - C ( Grammar ) - 20 

Q  No  10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, & 16  Section - D ( Text books)-45 
                                                                                    Total  = 100  

                                   SECTION - A                     ( Reading  Skill : 10 Marks )

1. Read  the  following  passage  carefully : 

The  next  time  you  take  printout unnecessarily  or  you  throw  a  paper  into  the  bin , think  for  a  minute  as  to  how  many trees  have  felled  to  manufacture  something  you  use  so  often  everyday .

Can  you  take  out  sometime  from  your  everyday  routine  and  devote  it  to  starting  a  simple recycling  programme  at  your  school or  your  neighbourhood ? Not  only  would  you  save  our  planet from  the  torture  of  felling greenery , but  you  also  reduce  generation  and  dumping  of  waste  into  the  environment . 

Using  recycled  papers  conserves  natural   resources .  As  our  worldwide  population  grows  , the  strain on  these  resources  becomes  even  greater  . You  can  drastically  reduce  the  number  of  trees  cut  down for  manufacturing  paper . In addition  to  saving  landfill  space , you  cut down  on  your  expenses  of  trash -disposal  .

There  is  a  reduction  in air  pollution  cost  due  to  incineration . Making  papers  from  discards in stead  of  trees not  only  saves  forests , but  it  also  reduces  energy  use  by  up  to  three  quarters and  requires  less  than  half  as  much  as  water  . Items  that  are  made  of  paper  and  may  be  recycled  are  called  the  loose  paper, a  few  examples  are paper bags , magazines , newspapers and  cardboard egg-trays.

A  paper  - recycling  programme  gives  a  positive  image  to  large  corporations or  business organizations  . Parents  can  teach  their  children  the  importance  of  recycled  paper by  bringing about  simple changes in  their  lifestyle .Schools  can  also  train   students  to  make  paper  products  like  folders , penholders , material  for  the  display  board , lampshades , teaching / learning aids , etc. Students  can  creatively  make  their  own  cards , files , folders , invitation cards and  certificates  for the  school .  Working  on  a  paper  recycling  plant demonstrates  the  concept  of  recycling waste  into ' wealth '. The  real  success of  such  programmes  is  visible  in  the  seemingly simple  acts  like  students  exchanging  books  in  a  new  academic  session , indirectly  saving paper  and  thereby , trees . This  is  amazing  that  only  a  single  sheet is  saved  by  each  child , 40,000  trees  could  be  saved  per  year  by  students  only .

Learning  the  facts  about  recycling  paper  will  help  you as  you  fulfil your  parts to  keep  the  environment green . If  we  keep  our  minds focused on  the  desire to  be  friendly  to  our  earth and her  resources , recycling  will become   important , after a  while  , we  will  be  in  the  habit  of  recycling  the  paper that  we  used  in  the course  of  given  day . 
On  the  basis  of  your  reading  of  the  passage  , answer  the  following  questions : 

(a) Why  do  you  need  to  think  before  you  take  printouts  unnecessarily  ? 2

Ans : We  need  to  think  for  a  minute  as  to  how  many  tress  have  been  felled  to  manufacture something we  use  so  often  everyday . 

(b) Name  some  of  the  products  that  can  be  obtained  from  recycled  paper. 2

Ans :  Paper bags , magazines , newspapers and  cardboard egg-trays.

(c) How  can  parents  and  schools  help  in  creating  awareness about  paper  recycling  ? 2

Ans :  Parents  can  teach  their  children  the  importance  of  recycled  paper by  bringing about  simple changes in  their  lifestyle .Schools  can  also  train   students  to  make  paper  products  like  folders , penholders , material  for  the  display  board , lampshades , teaching / learning aids , etc.

(d) How  can  students  help  in saving  trees indirectly  ? 2

Ans : Students  can  creatively  make  their  own  cards , files , folders , invitation cards and  certificates  for the  school .  Working  on  a  paper  recycling  plant demonstrates  the  concept  of  recycling waste  into ' wealth '. The  real  success of  such  programmes  is  visible  in  the  seemingly simple  acts  like  students  exchanging  books  in  a  new  academic  session , indirectly  saving paper  and  thereby , trees . 

(e) Give  a  synonym  of ' conserve '.  1

Ans : Save 

(f) Find  a  word  in  the  passage  which  means " the  destruction  of  something , specially waste material by  burning " . .  1

Ans : Incineration . 

                                   SECTION - B               ( Advanced  Writing  Skills : 25  Marks )  

2. You  are  Gautam / Geeta , General  Secretary  of  Radhkrishnan  College  , Guwahati . Your  College  is  organizing an educational  trip  to  Delhi  during  the  summer  vacations. Write  a  notice  for  the  college  notice  board  giving  all  the  details of  the  trip .  5  (  Word Limit : 50  words ) 

Design  a  poster  in  not  more  than  50  words  to  create  awareness  about  the  safety measures  to  be  taken  during  an earthquake  . 5

3. A  team  of  20  students  from  Japan  visited  your  school as  part  of  a  cultural  exchange programme . Write  a  report  about  the  same  in  100 - 125  words  for  your  school  megazine. 10 


The  students  of  the  local  college have  organised  a  campaign on ' Say  no  to  Plastic '  in  your  town . Prepare  a  report  in  100-125  words  to  be  published in  an English  Daily.  10 

4. You  are  Rekha /  Ramesh of  Barpeta . You  have  seen  an  advertisement  for  the  post  of  a  sports  teacher  in  Lakhimpur  High  School . Write  a  letter  to  the  president  of  the  Managing  Committee  of  the  school   applying  for  the  post  . Give  your  detailed  bio-data  as  well .  10 

Ans  :   


You  are  Gaurav/Garima ,  a  resident   of  Guwahati  .  Write  a  letter  to  the  editor  of  local  daily  expressing  your  views  against  the  insensitive use  of  loudspeaker  during  festival . 10      


                                SECTION - C

                                                 (Grammar :  20  Marks)

5. Change  the  form  of  the  narration  in  the  following  sentences  : 

(a) Alexander  said  to  Porus  , " How  do  you  desire  to  be  treated  ? ''  He  answered  , " Like  a  king . ''

(b) The  boys  exclaimed  in joy  that  they  had  all  passed the  test  and  they  would  celebrate  their success the  next  day . 

Ans : 

(a)  Alexander  asked Porus  how he was desire  to be treated and he replied that  he  would  desire like a  king . 

(b) The boys said ,'' Hurrah ! we  have  all  passed  the  test  and  we  shall  celebrate  our  success tomorrow .''  

6. Change  the  voice  of  any  three  of  the  following  sentences :

(a) The  nurse  is  looking  after  this  little  girl . 

(b)  Morning  shows  the  day . 

(c)  The  glass  has  not  been broken  by  anybody  .

(d)  What  causes  an earthquake ?

(e)  The  ground  has  to be cleared  by  us .

(f) The  Governor  gave  him  a  reward . 

Ans : 

(a) This  little  girl  is  being  looked  after  by  the  nurse . 

(b) It  is  said  that  morning  shows  the  day. .

(c) Anybody  has  broken  the  glass .

(d)  What  is  an  earthquake caused by  ? 

(e) We have  to  clear  the  ground. 

(f) He  was  given  a  reward  by  the  Governor . 

7. Rewrite  any  five  of  the  following  sentences using  the  verbs  given  in  brackets  in  the  their  correct  tense  forms . 

(a)  My  brother  (practise) law  these  days .

(b) The  patient (die) before  the  doctor  reached .

(c) You ( sleep ) when  I  entered  the  room . 

(d) She  (come) here  the  day  after  tomorrow  .

(e) They  (win) the  match . 

(f) We  ( visit ) the Taj Mahal  last year. 

Ans :  

(a)  My  brother  is practising law  these  days .

(b) The  patient had died  before  the  doctor  reached .

(c) You were sleeping when  I  entered  the  room . 

(d) She  comes/will come  here  the  day  after  tomorrow  .

(e) They will  win the  match . 

(f) We  visited the Taj Mahal  last year. 

8. Rewrite  any  four  of  the  following  sentences  filling  in  the  blanks  with  appropriate  prepositions :

(a)  The  ship is  sailing ______ the  shore. 

(b) Cut  the  rope ______ a  knife .

(c) I  am  a  taller  than  you  ______ two  inches . 

(d) There  was  a  bridge  ______  the  river .

(e) We  depend _______ you . 

(f) We  begged ________ help  from  me . 

(g) I  do  not  believe _____ his  honesty. 

Ans : 

(a)  The  ship is  sailing towards the  shore. 

(b) Cut  the  rope with a  knife .

(c) I  am  a  taller  than  you  in  two  inches . 

(d) There  was  a  bridge  across the  river .

(e) We  depend on/upon you . 

(f) We  begged of  help  from  me . 

(g) I  do  not  believe in his  honesty. 

9. Rewrite  any  four  of  the  following  sentences  as  directed  : 

(a)  Why  waste  time  in  this  fruitless  occupation . ?  (  Make  it  assertive )

Ans :  This  fruitless  occupation  is  time  wasting . 

(b)  It  is  often difficult  to  speak  the  truth  . (  Make  it  negative  without changing  the  meaning ) 

Ans : It is  not  often easy  to  speak  the  truth. 

(c)  Being ill , he  could  not  attend  school . (  Make  it a  compound  sentence ) 

Ans  :  He  could  not  attend  the  school  as  he  was  ill. 

(d) On  seeing  the  lion , he  ran  away . (  Make  it  complex  sentence ) 

Ans  :  As  soon  as  he  saw  the  lion , he  ran  away . 

(e) The  students  who  are  good do  their  homework  regularly  .  (Make  it  a  simple  sentence ) 

Ans :  Good  students  do  their  homework  regularly .

(f)  Atul  is  the  best  boy  in  the  class . ( Change  it  into  positive  degree ) 

Ans :  No  other boy  is  as  good  as  Atul  in  the  class. 

                               SECTION - D 

                                          ( Text books  :  45  Marks )
10.  Read  the  following  extract  and  answer  the  questions  that  follow :

(a) '' Now  we  will  count  to  twelve  and  
and  we  will  all  keep  still
For  once on  the  face  of  the  earth 
let's  speak  in  any  language , 
let's  stop  for one  second ,
and  not  move  our  arms so much . "

Questions  : 

(i) How  long  does  the  poet  want  to  stay  still ?

Ans :  The  poet  wants  to  stay  still  for  one  second. 

(ii) Why  does  he  ask  us  to  keep still and  not  used  any  language ?

Ans : He  considers  that  indecent  haste  and  activities  led  us  to  wars  ,  violence  and  death  . He  urges  us  to  keep  still  to  enjoy  a  few  moments  of  peace  ,  rest  and  tranquility  . Therefore  he  asks  us  to  keep  still  and  not  used  any  language .

(iii) What  does  the  poet  mean  by  ' not  move  our  arms so  much ' ? 

Ans  :   The poet wishes us to be still, to cease our hurried and confused movements and try to be calm for a change rather than being restless all the time.

(b)  " Sometimes  I  feel myself  I  can  hardly  bear 
The  thought  of  so  much  childish longing  in  vain ,
The  sadness that  lurks near  the  open  window there,
That waits all day in  almost open prayer 
For  the  squeal of  brakes , the sound  of  a  stopping car, "

Questions : 

(i) What  is  the  ' childish  longing  ' that  the  poet  refers to ? Why  is  it  ' in  vain' ?

(ii) Who  waits  near  the  open  window ? 

(iii) What  does  the  person  waiting  near  the  open  window pray  for ?

11. Answer  any  three  of  the  following  questions  in  30-40 words :

(i)  What  is  the  message that  Keats wants  to  convey through   " A  Thing  of  Beauty  " ? 

(ii) What  do  the  young  sprinting  trees  signify in  the  poem , " My  Mother  at  Sixty-six " ? 

(iii) Why  has  the  mother  been compared  to  the  ' late  winters  moon ' in  the  poem,  " My  Mother at  Sixty-six  " ?

(iv) What  is  the  ' sadness '  that  the  poet  refers to in  the poem " Keeping  Quiet " ? 

(v) What  is  ' in the news '  as  mentioned in  the  poem " A  Roadside  Stand " ?

12. Answer  any  five  of  the  following  questions  : 

(a)  What , according  to  M. Hamel , is  the  great  trouble  with  Alsace ? 

(b) What  does  Mukesh want  to  become ?

(c)  Where  was  the  original  home  of  Saheb's  family ?

(d) Why  was  Gandhi visiting  Lucknow  in 1916 ?

(e) For  whom  does  Sophie  ask  Danny  Casey an  autograph ?

(f)  What  work  does  Geoff do ? 

(g) What  position did  John  Rowntree  hold before leaving  Shillong a  few  days  after  independence ?

13.  Answer  any  five  in  30-40  words  : 

(a) Why  did Wachter  , the  blacksmith , tell  Franz that  he  would  reach  school in ' plenty  of  time ' ?

(b)  Give  a  brief  description of  Seemapuri.

(c) Was  Saheb  happy  with  his  job  at  the  tea  stall ?

(d)  Why  was  professor  Malkani's  action  of  offering  shelter to  Gandhi ' extraordinary ' ?

(e) What  other  dreams  does  Sophie  have beside  having  a  boutique ?

(f) Why  was  Sophie  fascinated by  Danney  Casey  ?  Was  it  a  one-sided affair ? 

(g) Write  , in  brief  , the scene observed  by  the  author  from Veranda of his  bungalow on  the  bank  of  the  Brahmaputra .

14. Answer  any  one  of  the  following  questions  in 80-100 words : 

(a)  How  does  M. Hamel  make  the  people realize how they , the  students and  he  have  been responsible  for  not  learning  their  language well ? 


(b)  Write briefly on  the  hazard  of  working  in  the  glass bangles  industry .

15. Answer  any  one  of  the  following  questions  in  125 -150 words : 

(a) Compare  and  contrast  the  stories  of  Zitkala -Sa and  Bama .


(b)  Give  an elaborate account  of  the  celebration associated  with Uruka , the  important  part  of  Magh  Bihu . 

16. Answer  any  four  of  the  following  questions  in 30 -40  words .

(a) How  did  the  hundredth  tiger  take  its  revenge  on  the  tiger king ?

Ans :  

(b)  Why  did  the  messenger  come  to  Dr. Sadao ? 

Ans : 

(c) How  did  Mr.  Lamb  try  to  give  courage  and  confidence  to  Derry ? 

Ans : 

(d) Why  did it  take  Bama  to  reach  whom  in  30  minutes  instead  of  10 minutes ?

Ans : 

(e) How  did  Annan explained  the  elder  man's  action to Bama  ?

Ans : 

(f)  What  are  the  different  sports  held  on  the  occasion of  Magh Bihu  or  Maghar  Domahi ?

Ans :   
CONTINUED .........


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