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Language – II (English - UP  LEVEL- ASSAM  TET 
1.       Chose the correct answer to complete the sentence.
           The book _____ shortly.
(a)    Has been published
(b)   Was published
(c)    Will be published

Answer :  ( c) will be published.

2.       Chose the correct verb to complete the sentence.
            Let the work _______now.
(a)    Be finished
(b)   Is finished
(c)    Have finished
(d)   Finished

Answer :  (a)  Be  finished

3.        Chose the correct form of verb to complete the sentence.
            The bridge ______ built by the villagers.
(a)    Has
(b)   Will
(c)    Is being
(d)   Been

Answer :  ( c) is  being

4.       Chose the appropriate adverb to complete the sentence.
            The film has been released _______ .
(a)    Recently
(b)   Presently
(c)    Shortly
(d)   Ago

Answer :  (a)  Recently

5.       Chose the appropriate preposition to complete the sentence.
            Some students are really good ______ mathematics.
(a)    At
(b)   In
(c)    On
(d)   About

Answer :  (a)  At

6.       He was doing a job ______ find passive voice of the sentence.
(a)    A job was being done by him
(b)   A job has been done by him
(c)    A job was been done by him
(d)   A job done by him

Answer :  (a)  A  job  was being done by him.

7.       Assertive : Milk is white. The interrogative form of this sentence is-
(a)    A milk is white?
(b)   What colour is of milk if not white?
(c)    What colour is of milk?
(d)   Isn’t milk white?

Answer :  (d)  Isn’t  milk white ?

8.       The plural number of ‘Mr.’ is-
(a)    Messrs
(b)   Mess
(c)    Mss
(d)   Mssr

Answer :  (a)  Messrs

9.       The tag question of ‘I am a student’ is-
(a)    Amn’t I ?
(b)   Will not I ?
(c)    Aren’t I ?
(d)   Wasn’t I ?

Answer :  (c)  Aren’t   I  ?

10.   Put the correct preposition in the gap from given.
            The driver jump ____ the bus.
(a)    Off
(b)   Under
(c)    Above
(d)   From

Answer :  (a)  Off

11.   Put the correct preposition in the gap from given.
            There is a cow ______ the paddy field.
(a)    Under
(b)   In
(c)    Into
(d)   On

Answer :  (b)  In

12.   State the correct forms of the narration.
             Mina ordered Tina to go away. The district speech is-
(a)    Mina says to Tina, ”go away.”
(b)   Mina says to Tina, ”you go away.”
(c)    Mina said to Tina, ”go away.”
(d)   Mina says to Tina, ”you may go away.”

Answer :  ( c )  Mina  said to Tina , “ go  away ”

13.   “I cried when you run away from me”
             State the type of clause from the choice given
(a)    Adverb clause
(b)   Adjective clause
(c)    Noun clause
(d)   None of these

Answer :  (a)  Adverbial  clause

14.   “ I shall do it now or shall not do it at all” is a-
(a)    Compound sentences
(b)   Complex sentence
(c)    Simple sentence
(d)   None of these

Answer :  (a)  Compound  Sentence

15.   “Kabita broke the glass.” The question tag will be-
(a)    Didn’t she?
(b)   Aren’t she?
(c)    Doesn’t she?
(d)   Don’t she

Answer :  (a)  Didn’t  she ?

16.   The singular number of ‘lice’ is-
(a)    Lic
(b)   Louse
(c)    Louce
(d)   Lices

Answer :  (b)  Louse

17.   Someone who designs houses is-
(a)    An architech
(b)   A designer
(c)    A builder
(d)   A plumber

Answer :  (a)  An  architech

18.   Identify the right ending of a letter
(a)    Yours’ faithfully
(b)   Yours faithfully
(c)    Your’s faithfully
(d)   Faithfully your’s

Answer :  (b)  Yours  faithfully

19.   Animal which can live only on water is-
(a)    Aquatic
(b)   Amphibians
(c)    Dinosour
(d)    Crocodile

Answer :  (a)  Aquatic

20.   The sentence which has one main clause and one sub-ordinate clause is called-
(a)    Simple sentence
(b)   Complex sentence
(c)    Compound sentence
(d)   None of these

Answer :  (b)  Compound  sentence

21.   The word ‘least’ is-
(a)    Positive degree
(b)   Comparative degree
(c)    Superlative degree
(d)   None of these

Answer :  ( c)  Superlative degree.

22.   Chose the appropriate preposition to fill in the blanks in the following sentence-
             Congratulate him _____ is success.
(a)    On
(b)   For
(c)    By
(d)   At

Answer :  (a) on

23.   Chose the word or phrase that best completes the answer.
            ‘On the dot’ means-
(a)    In short
(b)   Lot of dots
(c)    In time
(d)   Exactly

Answer :  (d)  Exactly

24.   Identify the types of adverbs from the choice given.
              He therefore left the schools. The word ‘therefore’ is-
(a)    Adverb of place
(b)   Adverb of reason
(c)    Adverb of frequency
(d)   Adverb of manner

Answer :   (b)  Adverb of reason .

25.   Select the correct usage of tense from the choice given-
(a)    She was in Japan in last year.
(b)   She had been in Japan last year.
(c)    She had been live in Japan last year.
(d)   She had been living in Japan last year.

Answer :  (a)  She  was in  Japan  in  last year.

26.   Text books are the part of ____
(a)    Class room
(b)   Curriculum
(c)    Library
(d)   Publisher

Answer :

27.   Curriculum includes _____
(a)    Objectives of teaching besides subjects
(b)   An instruction to finish a book
(c)    An activity to do in the class
(d)   A topic discussion.

Answer :

28.   Which of the following strategies is most suitable for introducing a Lesson?
(a)    Lecture
(b)   Questioning
(c)    Narration
(d)   Demonstration

Answer :

29.   Which of the following skills contribute to the development of reading readiness?
(a)    Speaking, writing, listening
(b)   Language, listening, writing
(c)    Singing, writing, listening

               Answer :   

30.   Without which of the following writing, a report is not possible?
(a)    Drafting and editing
(b)   Central idea and notes to support it.
(c)    Outlining and editing
(d)   Topic and editing  

Answer :  (a)  Drafting  and  editing 

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