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GOING  PLACES  -A.R. BARTON Common Questions and Answers .

For 1 mark each : 

1. What does Sophie want to have when she grows up ?

Ans :  Sophie  wants  to  have  a  boutique of  her  own  when she  grows  up. 

2. Who is the writer of " Going Places " ?

Ans  :  A. R. Barton  is  the  writer  of  “ Going  Places ”. 

3. Where was it most likely that Sophie and her friend would find work after school ?

Ans  :  The  two  girls , Sophie  and  Jansie ; most  likely  to  find  work  in  the  biscuit  factory  after they  leave  school . 

4. For whom does Sophie ask Danny Casey an autograph ?

Ans  :  Sophie  asks  Danny  Casey  an  autograph for  her  younger  brother  Derek. 

5. How was Geoff employed ? 

Ans :  Geoff   was  employed  as  an  apprentice  mechanic . 

6. Who was Geoff ?

Ans  :  Geoff  is  Sophie’s  elder  brother. 

7. Which was the only occasion when Sophie got to see Danny Casey in person ?

Ans  :  The  only  occasion  that  Sophie gets  to  see Danny  is  in  the  football field  on  every  Saturday  when  she  goes  with  her  father  and  brothers to watch  football match . 

8. Which country does Danny Casey for ?

Ans  :  Danny  Casey  plays  for  Ireland .

9.  Who  is  Darek  ? 

Ans  :  Darek  is  Sophie’s  younger  brother .

10. What  did  Sophie  dream  of  ? 

Ans  :  Sophie  wants  to  have  a  boutique  of  her  own  when  she  grows  up .

For 2 mark each :

1.     What job is Geoff engaged in ? Does he entertained wild and impractical dreams like his sister ? 

Ans  :  Geoff  is  engaged  in  as  an  apprentice  mechanic  .  He  does  not  entertain  wild  and  impractical  dreams  like  his  sister  Sophie . 

2. What other dreams Sophie had besides having a boutique ?

Ans  :  Besides  owning  a  boutique   she  also  dreams  of  becoming  an  actress or  a  sophisticated  fashion designer . 

3. What theme does the story ' Going Places ' explore ?

Ans  :  The  story  , ‘Going Places ’ explores  the  theme  of  adolescent  hero – worship and  fantasising  .  In  the  story  Sophie  fantasizes  meeting  with  the  great  football  star  of  Ireland  , Danny  Casey. 

4. Did Sophie really meet Danny Casey ?

Ans  :  No  ,  Shophie  did  not  really meet Danny  Casey .

5. What was incongruous about the delicate bow which fastened the apron strings of Sophie's mother ?

Ans  :  The  delicate  bow  that  fastened  the  apron  strings  to  Sophie’s  mother  was  incongruous  with  her  crooked  back .?

6. What kind of a person is Geoff ? 

Ans  :  Geoff  was  an  apprentice  mechanic , who  travelled  to  work  each  day  to  the  far  side  of  the  city  . He  hardly  spoke  on  his  own  and  was  silent  most  of  the  time  .  He  was  tall  and  strong  but  he  was  least  bothered  about  his  appearance  .

7.  Why  didn’t  Sophie  want  Jansie  to  know about  her  story  with  Danny ?

Ans  : 

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