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Fill  in  the  blank  with  right  alternative  .
     1.       HSLC-1988
A.  Today the ……. Of Shillong is pleasant. (weather /climate)
B. Both the parties came to an ……. Settlement . (amicable/amiable)
Ans :
a. Climate
b. amicable
2. HSLC-1999
A. My warnings had no …… on the boy. (affect /effect)
B. He could not …….. himself to the new situation. (adopt /adapt)
a. effect
b.  adapt
3. HSLC-2000
A. He has easy ……. To the ministers. (excess/access)
B.  Hundreds of soldiers were …….. in the battle.(wounded/injured)
     a.       Access
     b.      wounded
4. HSLC-2001
A. The …….. in my shop is not good today. (sell /sale)
B. He ……… good English. (says /speaks)
     A.      Sale
     B.      Speaks

5. HSLC-2002
A. It is not proper to …….. through an open window. (see/ look)
B. His parents warning had no …… on him. (affect/ effect)
     A.      Look
     B.      Effect
6. HSLC-2003
A. The old man knew that his death was ………. (imminent/ eminent)
B. Several boats ……… in the river during the storm. (drowned/ sank)
a. imminent
b. sank
7. HSLC-2004
A. I ………  I had taken your advice. (hope/ wish)
B He will leave for England ……… ( shortly / recently)
a. wish
b. shortly
8. HSLC-2005
A. August 15 is a …….. day for the Indians. (historic/ historical)
B. He will lose marks for his ……… handwriting. (eligible/ illegible)
a. historic
b. illegible
9. HSLC-2006
A. An ……... writer was invited as the chief guest. (eminent/ imminent)
B. A man of ……… is respected by all. ( principal/ principle)
a. eminent
b. principle
10. HSLC-2007
A. My advice had little …………. On the boy. (affect/ effect)
B. He was loved by all for his ………. nature. ( amiable/ amicable)
a. effect
b. amiable
11. HSLC-2008
A. His handwriting is ………… (eligible/ illegible)
B. No body likes your ………. behavior. ( childlike/ childish)
a. illegible
b. childish
12. HSLC-2009
A. The woman narrated the incident ……………. ( shortly/ briefly)
B. Her father was an ……… physician. ( eminent/ imminent)
a. briefly
b. eminent
13. HSLC-2010
A. Our family deals in ……… products. ( diary/dairy)
B. He became popular because of his ………. nature.(amiable/ amicable)
a. dairy
b.  amiable
14. HSLC-2011
Frame  sentences  using  any  one  pair  of  the  following  to  show  their  differences  in  meaning  :
a.       Lose  ,  loose
b.      Rise  ,  raise 
c.       Sight  ,  site 
Ans  : 
a.       I  have  lost  my  ring 
He  puts  on  a  loose  shirt .
b.      The  sun  rises  in  the  east  .
He  raised  his  baton .
c.       He  has  no  sight  in his  left  eye .
This  site  is  very  beautiful .

15.  HSLC – 2012
a. Eligible  , illegible 
b. accept  ,  except
c. altar  alter 
Ans  :  a. He  is  eligible  for  the  post  .
He  writes  an  illegible  hand  .
b.      I  cannot  accept  your  offer.
Except  Ram , everybody  went  there .
c.       He  bowed  down  before  the alter.
I  have  altered  my  pen
16.  HSLC - 2013
a. Diary  , dairy 
b. effect  ,  affect 
c. Site  ,  cite
Ans  :  a. He  always  writes  a  diary  .
He  has  a  dairy  farm.
b.      The  medicine  produced  no  effect  .
He  affected  madness .
c.       The  site of  the  school  is  excellent  .
He  cited  a  line  from  the  Gita .
17.  HSLC -  2014
a. Principle  ,  principal
b. Site  ,  Cite 
c. Adopt  , adapt
Ans  :  a.  I  shall  stick  to  my  principle  .
Mr.  Das  was  the  principal  of  Jorhat  College  .
b.      The  site of  the  school  is  excellent  .
He  cited  a  line  from  the  Gita .
c.       He  adopted  unfair  means  in  the  examination .
The  book  has  been  adapted  to  the  needs  of  the  pupil .

18. HSLC- 2015
a. The  Brahmaputra  has  changed  its  ________.(coarse / course )
b. Sankardev  was  an  ________scholar  .  (eminent  / imminent  )
Ans  : 
a.       coarse
b.      eminent
19. HSLC  -  2016
a. My  warnings  had no  ______on  the  boy  .  ( affect/effect )
b. He  ______ to  accept  the  money  . (refused/ denied)
Ans  : 
a.       effect
b.      refused
20.  HSLC- 2017
a. Rose  smells  _______( sweetly  /  sweet )
b. Her  handwriting  is  ________(illegible  /  eligible )
Ans  :
a.       Sweet
b.      Illegible
21.  HSLC -  2018
a. Me. John  will  come  to  Guwahati  (  recently  / shortly  )
c.       Popular  criticism  has  no  (effect/affect)  on  the  politicians .
Ans  :     a.  Shortly 
                b.  effect

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