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Write a brief review on the movie ' Goonj Uthi Shehnai' in 200 words.


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 A brief on Goonj Uthi Shehnai'



Our School's Principal '__________' has instructed to our English Teacher '______'to do a project on different topics to all the students of class ix . As per the Principal's Instructions our English Mam of  "Borholla H.S. School,"  has told all the students in class IX to do a project on a few topics. This project is related to our English textbook, "Beehive." All the students have selected their own favourite topics. So I have selected one of them, and that is "Goonj Uthi Shehnai." Here is a brief review of this movie, and I have also attached the poster.of the movie.


I am very grateful to all the friends who have given me their valuable time and helped me a lot to make this particular project . I gratefully acknowledge the contribution made by the Photographer's Studio named ‘ Akash Cafe’. I have taken  help from the internet.

Goonj Uthi Shehnai'

Goonj uthi shehnai" it is clear by the title of the movie that is based on romantic story with a great shehnai nawaz Ustad Bismillah khan's shehnai tune. Rajendra Kumar played a vital role in this film as a shehnai player, It is his honour to act on Bismillah khan's tune, one of the most famous personality. Rajendra Kumar and Ameeta, they both fall in love in their childhood. And promised to merry with each other. In this movie Anita Guha loves Rajendra Kumar too, which can be say a triangle love. I like that she didn't want to see him depress and as a drinker who has lost his love. She did not snatch and force him to love her also, even helped him to got his love back in his life. She control his emotions as well and didn't express his love to him. She look after him in cities. I think if two people love each other then third person should not come in their relationship, as they both were happy. So, Anita Guha did his best as a friend of Rajendra Kumar in the film. At the end I want to mention that Ameeta did his best in acting as a lead actress.

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              Great film with good story of love, songs and music, particularly Bismila Khan's shehnai.

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