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Physical Exercise Essay For Class X ,SEBA -Common Essay for HSLC

                                           Physical Exercise

(Points: Introduction, kinds of physical Exercises
usefulness and conclusion.)
Physical Exercise  Essay For Class X ,SEBA -Common Essay for HSLC
Essay On Physical Exercise

Physical exercise means exerting the body with a view to maintaining good health. It includes such activities as entail movement of the body organs.
Kinds of Physical Exercises:
       There are various kinds of physical exercise. Sometimes physical exercise 1s done as a matter of sports. Sometimes work done by a person provides the benefit of physical exercise. A man engaged in cutting firewood or tilling the soil with a spade derives two benefits from his work. His work is productive by nature, while at the same time such works are the best physical exercise. Games and sports provide a person with the best Scope of. physical exercise. Walking, swimming, riding, bicycling are good exercises People are highly benefitted by walking in the open ait. Riding is good for the brain, bicycling is good for the heart and swimming is good for the whole body. The indoor games generally do not provide the players With the scope of physical exercise. It has been observed that people living in the village are healthier and more hardworking than the people living in crowded cities.
This is mainly because the villagers work harder and thus do more physical exercise than the city dwellers. Another reason behind the good health of the villagers is that they breathe pure air and more oxygen.

 It iş said that a healthy mind lives in a healthy body. Health is the source of all happiness. A man of ill health Can never be happy even if he lies in a  bed of gold. The benefit of physical exercise is the good health enjoyed by a person R. L. Stevenson once said that an open-air walk is more beneficial to health than any restorative. Physical exercise brings happiness both to the body, and mind. It helps sound sleep. Physical exercise helps a man grow a sturdy body and thus makes him live stronger and longer, However, moderation is necessary.

Too much exercise, like anything else is injurious to health. There should be a balance between work and rest.

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