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I completed my MBA in 2013 in distance education how to get my convocation certificate

Ans  :  Be Cool ! Here we will  help you , Okay .  You  have  completed  your  MBA (  Master  of  Business  Administration )  in  2013. But  You  have  not  got  your  Convocation  Certificate (  Original  Certificate  of  MBA )  yet . May  be  you  have  not  applied for Convocation Ceremony  or  you  have  not  got  information  about  Convocation  Ceremony . Actually  after  completed  your degree , any open  university  or  distance university  invites applicants  for  the  Convocation Ceremony  where  the  university  distributes  all  the  certificates  , diploma , degree  along  with  various  PG  certificates  among  the  students  who  have  completed  their  degree  recently . On  the  ceremony  they may  invite honorable  dignitaries  for  distribute  the  original  Certificates . If  you  have  completed  your  Degree  in  2013  then  you  should  get  your  original  certificate  in  2014/15  . But  if  you  have  not applied  for  the  convocation  or  missed  the  Ceremony  , then  you  should  contact  to  your  Study  Centre or  Regional  Centre where  you  studied  MBA . They will provide  Email or  phone  number of the  University  for  the same . After  that you  will  write  an  application in the  following way  to  the  university :

OR  this  way  : 

Getting  positive  email  like this : 

You  will  make  a  Demand  Draft  in  favour  of  the  university . The  price  may  be  from  Rs. 400/500  or  higher  than  this .  It  increases  if  you  will  apply  in  late. They  will ask  to  send  whole  the  details  of  the  Degree you  have  completed  along  with  that  demand  draft  by  post and by  online too. Within one  week  or  a  month  you  will  get  your  original  certificate  at  your  home  by  post . 
We  hope  you  get  your  solution . Thanks . 
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