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THE LAST LESSON - Alphonse Daudet - CLASS 12 - Model Questions


           THE  LAST  LESSON - Alphonse  Daudet

Very  Short  Type  Questions :  For  1  Mark  Each

1. " I started  for school very late that morning". - Who is the ' I ' here?

Ans :  " I  started  for  school  very  late  that  morning ". -  Franz  is  the  ' I '  here .

2. What did M. Hamel do when he wanted to go fishing?

Ans :  When  M. Hamel  wanted  to  go  fishing  , he  just gave  holiday to  the  students . M.

3. What did M Hamel write at the end of the class?

Ans  :  M . Hamel  wrote  " Vive  La  France !''  at  the  end  of  the  class . 

4. What did Franz think ' for a moment ' ?

Ans  : For  a  moment  Franz thought  of  running  away  and  spending  the  day  out  of  doors.

5. What was written in the new copies brought by M. Hamel for the students in a beautiful round hand?

Ans  :  '' France , Alsace , France , Alsace '' was  written  in  the  new  copies  brought  by  M. Hamel.

6. What is the name of the blacksmith in " The  Last  Lesson " ?

Ans  :  The  name  of  the  blacksmith in " The  Last  Lesson "  is  Wachter.

7. What is the ' great trouble with Alsace '?

Ans  :  'The  great  trouble  with  Alsace ' was  that  she  put  learning  till  next  day.

Short  Type  Questions  :

1. Why did little Franz want to spend his day out of doors?

Ans :  Little  Farnz  wanted  to  spend  his  day  out  of  doors  because  his  teacher  M. Hamel  supposed  to  ask  questions  on  participles  and  he  did  not  know the  first  word  about  them . So  he  tought  of  running  away  and  spending  the  day  out  of  doors .

2. What are M. Hamel's views about the French language?

Ans  : According  to  M. Hamel  , French  was  the  most  beautiful  and  most  logical  language  of  the  world. He  wanted  his  people  to  guard  it  among  themselves  and  never  forget  it  .  He  believed  that  as  long  as  a  people  hold  fast  to  their  language  they  had  the  key  to  their  freedom.

3. What was the commotion that Franz anticipated in the classroom?

Ans  :  Arriving  late  at  school  he  anticipated  the  usual  commotion  caused  by  the  opening  and  closing  of  desks  ,  rapping  of  the  teacher's  ruler  on  the  table  and  loud  reciting  of  lessons in  unison .

4. What did M. Hamel say about the French language?

Ans  :  According  to  M. Hamel  , French  was  the  most  beautiful  and  most  logical  language  of  the  world.  He  wanted  his  people  to  guard  it  among  themselves  and  never  forget  it  .  He  believed  that  as  long  as  a  people  hold  fast  to  their  language  they  had  the  key  to  their  freedom.

5. Why was the lesson called the last lesson?

Ans  :  The  lesson  was  called  the  'Last  Lesson ' because  it  was  the  last  French  lesson  in  the  school .  From  next  day  only  German  would  be  taught  in  that  school .

6. What had been put up in the bulletin board?

Ans  :  There  had  been  put  up  the  news  of  the  lost  battles , the  draft  , the orders  of  the  coommanding  officer in  the  bulletin  board.  

7. What was Franz expected to be prepared with for school that day?

Ans  :  Franz  was  expected  to be  prepared  with  participles  because  M. Hamel  had said  that  he  would question  them  on  participles  and  he  did  not  know  anything  about  it .  

8. Why did M. Hamel not blame Franz alone for his inability to learn?

Ans  :  M. Hamel did not blame Franz alone for his inability to learn because his parents were not interested in making him learn instead of wanted him to work in farms or at the mills.M. Hamel also blamed himself for it as he had sent him to water his flowers and sometimes gave a holiday when he wanted to go fishing.

9. ' Will they make them sing in German, even the pigeons? ' What does the sentence suggest?

Ans  :  The sentence suggests Franz's anger against the forceful imposition of German on them. It also suggest that the order given by the Germans to teach German in the schools was absurd and that imposing German to the French speaking people  forcefully was unjust.

Essay  Type  Questions  :

1. What was the order from Berlin? How did that order affect the people of Alsace, Particularly M. Hamel and his students?

Ans  :  The  order  from  Berlin  was  that  in all the  schools  of  Alsace  and  Lorraine  only  German  would  be  taught  .  The  order  greatly  hurt  the  people  of  the  area  as  they  were  all  french  .  It  affected  most  the  school  teacher  M. Hamel  and  his  students  .  For  M . Hamel  would  have  to  leave  the  school  which  had  taught  for  last  forty  years  . His  students  should  be  deprived  of  the  right  to  learn  their  own  mother  -  tongue  French . 

2. Describe the unusal things that Franz noticed on the day of the day of the last lesson?

Ans :   Arriving  late  at  the  school  Franz  noticed  that  the  school  was  usually  calm  and  quiet  .  There  was  no  usual  commotion  caused  by  the  opening  and  closing  of  the  desks  , rapping  of  the  teacher's  ruler  on  the table  and  the  loud  recitation  of  lessons  in  unison. Franz  was  surprised  to  see  that  M.  Hamel  was  wearing  his  beautiful  green  coat  ,  frilled  shirt  and  the  embroidered  black  silk  cap  that  he  never  wore  except  on  inspection  or  prize  days  . What  surprised  most  was  the  presence  of  the  village  people  who  were  sitting  quietly  on  the  back  benches  like  students  .  Among  them  were  Hauser  , the  former  mayor  ,  and  former  post  master  also . 

3. Give a detailed account of the scene in the classroom on the day of the lesson?

Ans :  On  the  day  of  the  last  lesson  ,  the  classroom  looked  unusual  .  There  was  absolute  silence  and  everyone  was  seriously  sitting  on  the  proper  seats  .  The  teacher , Hamel  too  ,  had  put  on  his  special  dress  which  was  meant  only  for  special  occasions  like  prize  and  inspection days.  The  most  surprising  sight  on  the  back  benches  .  The  teacher  painfully  announced  that  it  was  their  last  class  in  their  mother  tongue  French  and  they  all  should  be  attentive  . He  was  surprisingly  very  kind  and  did  his  duty  patiently . All  the  students  ,  including  the  elder  people  and  the  teacher  had  assembled  to  pay  their  last  tribute  to  their  own  language .  The  entire  school  was  in  a  solemn  and  grave  condition . 

4. Draw a character sketch of M. Hamel as it is shown in 'The Last Lesson ' .

Ans  :  M .  Hamel  was  a  French  teacher  .  He  had  been  serving  in  the  school  of  Alsace  for  last  forty  years  .  He  had  great  regard  for  his  language  .  He  became  melancholic  when  the  order  had  come  from  Berlin  that  in  the  schools  of  Alsace  and  Lorraine  only  German  language  will  be  taught  because  he  felt  that  his  students  would  be deprived  of  thought  to  learn  their own  mother  tongue . On  the  last  day  of  his  school  he  wore his  best  dress  which  he  wore  only  on  inspection  and  prize  days . Though  he  was  strict  and  disciplinarian  , still  on  the  day  of  his  last  class  he  did  not  scold  Franz  for  coming  late  and  for  failure  to  recite  the  rules  of  participles .  He did not blame him rather he blamed himself and the people of Alsace which, showed his analytical outlook. M. Hamel was emotional too, his emotions were seen when he could not utter a single word as his voice choked. He just wrote on the black board" Vive Ia France"i .e. long live France and made a gesture that the school was over. M. Hamel  was a person who loved his motherland and his language. As per him French was the most logical and the most beautiful language in the world.  He was a strong person. Though his heart was broken still he had the courage to hear every lesson to the very last. He was a man of discipline with love for his land and language. 

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