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Want To Become Rich ( For unemployed persons ) - 1


           Want  To Become  Rich ( For unemployed persons )


Most  of us  have the  intention to make money  and  become  rich . To become rich means to have enough money  and be happy . A rich person  means he will have positive  attitude , good health , fearless , faith , love of labour and discipline . He must be a  hard worker and he  must  have  the  capacity to understand others . However , in this world , we call people rich who have money , more money . We know that money is wealth . In our India rich people worship the Goddess Lakshmi .
      No body  wants  to be poor  even I  too ( Just for kidding )  . Every one in this world wants to  become rich . But is  it possible ?Yes , it is  possible .  The only way to become rich is to work along with smart work . Hard work (along with smart work )only pays . Money is needed for  any  activity . Unless we have money , we cannot come out . We will be  bold if  we have money . To go anywhere , to eat anything , to live in harmony we just need money , money , money . Money  is  power  . Money rules . Then how much money , does a man need ? Nobody says exactly  .        

      But one question I just remembered . That  question I asked more and more to my friends and some people too for getting a particular answer . The question is : Will you want to become a rich person ? They just answered that they want only a little money to maintain their lives and that is enough for them . But you know , they did not tell the truth . Actually , internally they also want money , but they did not expressed .  And you know , some answers surprised me a lot . According to them to become rich is a work of sinner people / greedy people . That means they don’t know the actual meaning of ‘RICH PERSON ’ .OK !  Leave it now .
       But some of them told “ YES ‘’ , they want to become a rich person . They had the positive attitude towards earning money . Even they asked me that how will they earn money so that they will be become a rich person  soon. But on that time I answered a little to them .
       But  after researched  a lot about “ How to earn money ? .” I am  going to give all the solutions like tricks and tips to earn money . I have been making some lessons about it . It is for all those who want to earn money , more money . It is for all unemployed persons who simply sits  at home .      But before going to start , we should know “ WHY MONEY IS IMPORTANT TO US ? ” The answer will be in the next post in our  website.
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