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HSLC 2021

Mathematics : For Paper – I For LP - Classes ( I – V )- TET ASSAM

                        SYLLABUS  FOR  TET  - 2019                          Mathematics  :  For  Paper – I
                   For  Lower  Primary  Level  -  Classes  ( I – V )
                               Total  Marks  : 


Numbers :

Natural  Numbers  , Whole  Numbers  , Even  and  Odd Numbers  , Prime  and Composite  Numbers , Place value system , Four  fundamental operations on  numbers ( addition  , subtraction , Multiplication and  Division ) Factors  and  Multiples , Prime Factors  , Lowest  Common  Multiples ( LCM) , Highest  Common  Factors (HCF) , Skip  Counting , Group  counting , Comparision , Ascending and  Descending  Order , Application  of  numbers in  real life , Unitary method and  Average .

Fraction :

Concept  of  Fractions  , Types  of  Fractions  , Addition , Subtraction , Multiplication and Division of  Fractions , Decimal  Fractions , Percentage and their use .

Money :

Concept  of  money , Conversion  of  Rupee to  Paisa and  vice versa , Four  operations  in  solving problems  involving  money , Simple  Problems  involving  Profit  and  Loss .

Geometry  and  Mensuration :

Concept  and  understanding of  different  shapes , Line  , Line  segment  , Ray , Angles  , Types  of  Angles  , Types  of  Triangles  , Types  of  Quadrilaterals  , Circles  , Length  , Perimeter  and  Area of different  Geometrical figures  , Weight  , Time , Capacity  and Volume .

Data  Handling  :

Introduction to  Data ,  Representation of  Data , Pictograph , Bar  Diagram , Pie  Chart and Draw inferences  .

Integration of  ICT  in  teaching  Mathematics  : 

Importance  of  ICT  in  teaching Mathematics , Use  of ICT  in  teaching  Mathematics  

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