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Ch-3-Education and Social Mobility-তৃতীয় অধ্যায়ঃশিক্ষা আৰু সামাজিক গতিশীলতা-BA 1st Sem and BA 3rd Sem


 Model Questions: 

1.What is social mobility?

2.What is upward mobility?

3.What is vertical mobility?

4.What is downward mobility?

5.Mention the characteristics of social mobility.

6.Discuss the types of social mobility.

7.Discuss the factors that promote social mobility.

8. Write about the causes of social mobility.

9. Write about the importance of social mobility.

10. Discuss the negative consequences of social mobility.

BA 3rd Sem,Dibrugarh University,education,BA 1st Sem,

Short note:
(1) Education and social mobility
(ii) Vertical mobility
(iii) Upward mobility
(iv) Downward mobility
(v) Open model of mobility
(vi) Closed model of mobility

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